Air Conditioning
We repair Air Conditioning on all Makes and Models


Bee Line Computerized Laser Alignments.
Front & rear alignments for Truck, Trailer, Bus & Motorhomes.

Hydraulic Press

150 ton press.
Portable press: 80 ton press for replacing center walking beam bushings


Repairs & Maintenance
Wide Range Of Hydraulic Hoses & Fittings
Hydraulic Oil Filtering

As a Government Approved Inspection Facility, we perform annual & semi-annual inspections, including Propane & Natural Gas.We also offer out of province inspections


Flywheel Refacing – Auto to Heavy Truck

Services & Maintenance
Truck & Trailer Servicing & Maintenance Custom Tailored to your needs
Repairs & Maintenance on All Makes
Feed Truck Repairs & Maintenance, including Auger Repairs
Headlight Aiming
Welding – Steel & Aluminium
Engine Overhauls


Custom Made U-Bolts
Up to 1″ diameter rod


International Truck & Engine Warranty Provider